Quan Yin

Quan Yin
Quan Yin in Vietnam and in our family foyer

I arrived late to the Quan Yin Party. My focus for years had been on all-things Buddha-licious. One night while roaming the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon “I spied with my little eye” the goddess of compassion and mercy and was intrigued. What magic did she possess? What message was she here to teach? Quan Yin was thought at first as a male god. Introduced to China by Buddhist missionaries traveling from India to Tibet, early statues are flat-chested making it hard to tell the difference between Quan Yin and Buddha. After the 12th century she developed an ample bosom and became the voluptuous vixen we know today.

When you have evil thoughts, a prayer to Quan Yin will drive them away. When you need to be more positive and stop judging yourself and others, she helps you focus on light and love. Having her around helps when trying to get pregnant. She also awakens musical talents, especially if you are a singer. This gal does a lot! What can she do for you?

  • Quan Yin is a powerful greeter
  • She instills a sense of service to others
  • Encourages those with musical abilities
  • Protects women and children
  • Blesses everything with spiritual and physical peace
  • Assists those wanting to conceive