The World of Bruce Lee NOW and THEN

In 1991, with my camera in tow, I ran around Hollywood taking photos. Little did I know then that I would actually end up moving to the building by the alley where I would shoot the crumbling painted wall of The World of Bruce Lee. Little has changed over the decades. The two adjoining buildings in the alley remain the same yet have a different color of paint. Upon trying to figure out what The World of Bruce Lee was, I reached out to Hollywood expert Amanda Karkoutly (cahuengapast is her IG) to see if she could figure it out – and she did.

Amanda found a video of an event at the World of Bruce Lee Museum that shed light on the use of this building –

Bruce Lee was a legend in the world of martial arts as well as in films. “Enter the Dragon” in 1973 is one of his most iconic roles. In Feng Shui terms, we actually studied Bruce Lee’s BaZi or birth chart to see if he was in fact cursed and to determine if we could see why he died so young. Turns out, his fate was in his chart. There was a clash, a health issue, and a strange situation in his chart that couldn’t be explained –and frankly, I can’t recall now the exact details. I do remember there was a WOW and HUSH over the room for us to be able to see the date of someone playing out in their chart.

For now, that painted wall is a memory. For me, I see it every day as I leave through the valet in the alleyway. Sometimes it is quite ironic where we end up in life and who knew when I took those pictures in 1991 I would be living there one day.