Magical Candles

raise your vibration to manifest goals

These are no ordinary candles - they are working candles. Handmade locally during specific moon phases, my signature magical candle collection is created by metaphysical healers to manifest your goals. Candle making is a lost art and these all-natural soy candles are perfectly - imperfect. The bold colors and strong scent with amped up essential oils align with magical intentions. Rules: put your prayers and wishes into it, snuff out when not home and if black smoke remains on the glass your energy is blocked and you have to light another one to clear it.

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Event Calendar - 2014

January - 2014

  • Western School of Feng Shui
    on-line event available for $25
    Topic: BaZi Chinese Astrology signature workshop

February - 2014

  • Pause in Joy, Creative Empowerment Studio
    Saturday Feb. 15, 2014 from 2-3:30pm
    Year of the Wood Horse - What's in it for you?
    562 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles
  • Pure Pollino Radio Showwith host Michelle Pollino
    Tuesday Feb. 2 at 11am PST
    Topic: Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse
  • Unbounded Potential & Go Beyond Interview Series
    with Karen & Salma
    Tuesday Feb. 6 at 6pm PST
    Topic: Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse


March - 2014

  • Greatest You Summit with Christine Williams - March 26th Topic: Secrets of Chinese Metaphysics

April - 2014

  • Poetic Perspectives - An Exhibition of Hollywood Photographers
    Show runs April 10-May 1
    Gala Opening April 10 from 6-9pm
    Closing Reception April 26 from 5-8pm
    The Perfect Exposure Gallery
    3519 West 6th St, Los Angeles 213.381.1137

May - 2014

June - 2014

July - 2014

August - 2014

September - 2014

October - 2014

November - 2014

December - 2014