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Anita's Journey

About Anita Rosenberg

There is no one more Hollywood than Anita. She lives and works at the corner of the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine. She is the only expert in the field of spirituality who was a movie director. Her clients and friends are all in the world of entertainment. Anita's expertise is working with creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to maximize their artistic potential and monetize their talents. Growing up in Cincinnati, she began her artistic career welding metal sculpture ten years before Flashdance. Her passion for filmmaking exploded at art school in San Francisco and film school in New York City. She then moved to Los Angeles and by age thirty she was in the spotlight as one of the first female directors in Hollywood with cult classic chick flicks Assault of the Killer Bimbos and Modern Girls. After thirteen years in the movie business, Anita claims that not even a four-hour lunch with George Clooney could convince her to stay. She turned her talents into growing a global decor business out of her garage in the Hollywood Hills. While in Hong Kong overseeing manufacturing of her collection, Anita discovered the deeply meaningful and empowering magic of Feng Shui. A fan of reinvention, she switched gears into a world of metaphysics and has never looked back. As the Cosmic Coach of Hollywood, Anita's unique blend of Western and Chinese Metaphysics along with her vast knowledge and experience transforms and illuminates the homes, businesses, and lives of each valued and trusted client. With exclusive and customized packages, Anita's mission is to help you reach your personal and professional goals.


☯   BFA
   San Francisco Art Institute, sculpture

☯   MFA
   New York University Graduate Film School, directing


☯   Modern Girls (1986)

☯   Assault of the Killer Bimbos (1988)

Metaphysical Education

☯   Certification in Essential Feng Shui
   Western School of Feng Shui

☯   Advanced Certification Feng Shui for Real Estate
   Western School of Feng Shui

☯   Tarot & Inner Guide Meditation
   DOME Center

☯   Pentagram Ritual
   Metaphysics Inc.

☯   Space Cleansing
   Karen Kingston

☯   Kabbalah
   The Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles

☯   Feng Shui, Yi Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia, BaZi Astrology & Design Your Destiny
   Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

☯   BaZi Astrology - Wealth
   Bernice Low, BaZi Queen

☯   Quan Kong Da Gua, Date Selection & Qi Men Dun Jai
   Sherry Merchant

Television Appearances

☯   Adam Carolla & Friends Build Stuff Life
   Spike TV

☯   Brandy & Ray J

☯   Chiquis 'N Control

☯   Plum TV

☯   The Feng Shui Way
   Market Street Productions - TV Pilot

☯   Christopher Lowell Show
   Discovery Channel

☯   Kitty Bartholomew Show

☯   Carol Duval Show

Award-Winning Author

☯   The Art of Painted Furniture
   Sterling Press

☯   Fanciful Furniture
   Sterling Press (paperback)

☯   Thursdays with Mom & Michael
   Red Mountain Press, IPP Gold Medal Winner (proceeds go to Breast Cancer Reasearch Research Foundation)

☯   Tipster Chronicles
   In conjunction with MOCA Exhibit Art in the Streets

☯   Shopping For Nirvana - travel cards
   50 spirited adventures from around the globe

Published Photography

☯   Art in the Streets

☯   Beyond the Streets

☯   Graffiti 365

☯   FUN Gallery the true story...
   by Patti Astor

☯   Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor 1980-1983
   by Tim Lawrence