Magical Candles


These are no ordinary candles - they are working candles.

Handmade locally during specific moon phases, my SIGNATURE MAGICAL CANDLE COLLECTION is created by metaphysical healers specifically for my Good Karma Shop to manifest goals. I know what energies you need and that is how each candle is created. Working with these specific magical candles for over 20 years, I know they work and my clients know they raise the vibration of the space to manifest goals. These candles are truly magical.

Candle making is a lost art and these all-natural hypo-allergenic soy candles are perfectly - imperfect. The bold colors and strong scent with amped up essential oils align with magical intentions. It is my vision to enlighten and inspire through my Good Karma Shop curated collection. Lighting a magical candle is a great place to start your spiritual journey and daily ritual.