House Harmony


What if there was a way to understand the circumstances and forces that affect your life? And what if I tell you there is a way to enhance your current success and take it to the next level? This tool also allows you to forecast and predict your business activities and career decisions. It is a tool of growth. The outcome is PROSPERITY & HARMONY - happiness in all aspects of our lives. The tool is Feng Shui.

Historically, Feng Shui built empires and made emperors. In Asia, Feng Shui has always been a "game for the rich." My Feng Shui journey began in 2000 in Hong Kong as the tour bus climbed Victoria Peak for a dramatic view of the city and harbor below. The guide announced into her microphone about Feng Shui this and Yin Yang that. She explained that Hong Kong is one of the richest cities because the harbor is shaped like a giant money bag. The mansions and banks all sit in the belly of the dragon so this is where wealthy businessmen live and work. One thing I knew for sure, this is where I wanted to be and I wanted to know more.

My studies started at the Western School of Feng Shui with Terah Kathryn Collins. She was a pioneer with a New Age view. I found this work so fascinating I started consulting full time. Yet, after years I grew tired of telling people to clear their clutter and knew there must be more to this Ancient Chinese Art.

That's when a trip back to Hong Kong rocked my world. Master Jill Landers gave me a magical RuYi for my desk and recommended I study Classical Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology with Dato Joey Yap. Divine timing stepped in because when I returned home Joey was leading his yearly lecture in Los Angeles and I had a front row seat. Since that day Joey and his Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics has been my mentor and teacher. He continues to push the envelope on this complex field and my goal is to keep up with him. As one of the few experts in the West practicing Classical Chinese Feng Shui, let me help you turn your energy into true spiritual wealth and create your own personal nirvana.


Super model, business woman and friend Miranda Kerr considers me her go-to Feng Shui expert. I adore working with her; she is beautiful inside and out. Years ago when she first brought me in we started with the Feng Shui of her Malibu house. It was an odd shape, missing the husband sector and Miranda wanted a deeply meaningful and loving relationship in her life. The solution was to build out the missing sector, put up walls and a roof (it was the patio.) Miranda gets an A+ because she immediately did the construction and shortly after met and married the love of her life, Evan Spiegel (creator of Snapchat.) They now have two beautiful sons together.

Lesson: when you take action on Feng Shui you can change your life quickly.


As an intuitive houses literally talk to me and I listen to those messages. In certain circles I am known as the Hollywood House Whisperer. A Luo Pan Compass is my tool mapping out auspicious and inauspicious sectors. Important areas include the entry or Ming Tang, bedrooms, kitchen and home office. The goal is to tap into everyone's best directions and activate rooms with good energy. If your home is able to receive the positive flow of Qi from the environment you have a great flow of choices. If your energy level is high, you can see opportunities around you. There are many Feng Shui systems, but I am loyal to BaZhai or Eight Mansions layered with Qi Men Feng Shui. We personalize by referencing residents' BaZi Astrology or birth charts. We do not dangle coins or other objects to make your home or office resemble a Chinese souvenir shop. Good Feng Shui is subtle and invisible. When done correctly, Feng Shui anchors intentions and supports goals.


Off-site charts and report are prepared in advance of on-site property walk-through. Before consult I need:

  • Property address and floor plan (professional plan preferred)
  • Compass direction of front door
  • Birth dates of all residents
  • Personal and professional goals


  • House Harmony & Prosperity
  • Office Empowerment
  • Renovation Consultation
  • Yearly Feng Shui Reboot & Activations


"Anita was called to the W Hollywood Residences for an "emergency Feng Shui" consultation to offer suggestions to attract new buyers. We especially needed her quickly since there were perspective buyers arriving from China."
- W Residences Hollywood

"Anita and I go way back. She has Feng Shui'd all my houses and with her BaZi reading, she opened my eyes to what I need to build my design business. Anita is easy to work with with and the way she presents the information is easy to absorb. I now have a game plan to make more money and win that Oscar."
- Mona May, Academy Award nominated costume designer

"I am incredibly grateful every day for Anita's advice, mentorship, insight and guidance into both the personal and professional areas of my life. Her expertise into Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui has had a profound influence on my life. I wholeheartedly would be lost without the BaZi readings she has done for me every year and there is simply no way I would have achieved the same level of success and alignment in my business and career without her Feng Shui set-up of my home."
- Katelyn Milevski, Copy Writing Expert - NSW Australia


"I had a Feng Shui expert come to my home. What could go wrong?"
-Adam Carolla


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