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One of the best gifts I received last year was Anita's Wealth Forecast. Her work is fascinating to me and so insightful. She is aFeng Shui expert and I made some changes to my home that she suggested, which turned out to be very helpful. Working with Anita was a wonderful experience!

- Miranda Kerr - International Supermodel & Founder of KORA Organics

The best present I've given my clients (including Jen Aniston, Justin Theroux, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez) is Anita's BaZi Wealth Forecast. They flipped out at the accuracy and inspiration that they received and said it was the best gift I've ever given them and I take my gift giving very seriously!'

- Aleen Keshishian - managing partner, Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Anita's done a great job simplifying Destiny and Feng Shui. Her book Heavenly Luck provides an insightful take on the basic ideas of BaZi and gives a unique twist to the ancient art of Chinese Metaphysics. An enlightening read for anyone who is looking to make their first foray into this art and improving their lives.

- Dato Joey Yap - founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

I'm on my NEW-NEW. I got the new crib, new album, and my sister Brandy sent the Feng Shui lady Anita to make sure the vibe in the house is right. Feng Shui is powerful - real powerful.

- Ray J - Musician & Reality Star

Anita's BaZi Business reading for our creative team was insightful and freakishly right on. We now have a valuable guide for moving forward making practical decisions.

- Shepard & Amanda Fairey - Studio Number One

Anita's energy and happiness is inspiring. Two weeks after working with her I found a new lover! I am telling all my single girlfriends.

- Virginia Madsen - Actor

I think the BaZi Business Assessment was spectacular and now what we need to do is take all these personalities and what we know about our co-workers and plan how we are going to work better together in the future. -Bob Gregson, Hollywood Roosevelt sales manager

- Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Anita was called in to the W Hollywood Residences for an 'emergency Feng Shui' consultation to access the property and offer suggestions to attract new buyers. Especially since there were perspective buyers arriving from China that week.

- W Residences Hollywood

Anita conducted a CEO Team-Building Workshop for our Zuri Hotel Group in Bengaluru, which showed us different ways for our team to interact with each other. It bonded our group and brought us something exciting and new.

- Bobby Kamani, owner of Zuri Hotel Global

Rita Marley is a big fan of the Travel Kit and gave them to her children including Ziggy. Anita is also working with Rita to design her Royal Rita Collection at the Marley Resort & Spa. Mystiques of a Queen includes Mystical Candles along with Bath & Body Products.

- Rita Marley - Singer & Philanthropist

I'm not kidding Anita, after you left we lit the candle talked to the house and got a call that an agent is bringing their client to see our house today. Thank you.

- Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French - Actor & Musician

Anita's book, Thursdays with Mom & Michael, represents the best of Aspen spirit; great food, great life, and it's a great read.

- Hill Harper - Actor, Author & Philanthropist

Anita is a Feng Shui goddess. Working with her was magical and transforming. If you want to jump start your career do what Anita says because why would you question a goddess?

- Julie Brown - Actor, Writer & Comedian

I have been pouring over your beautiful book, Thursdays with Mom & Michael, for days. It is so evocative and inspiring.

- Felicity Huffman - Emmy Award Winning Actor

Anita Rosenberg was a TRP Resource for South Asia. She addressed 3 chapters and did workshops. The feedback was: extremely informative, interactive and interesting. Her knowledge on the subject is good. The individual charts made it personalized and was the best part of the program. Good take home value.

- Cheryl Murray, Regional Manager YPO-WPO South Asia

We were honored to have Anita Rosenberg speak to the YPO of Saigon. Our competitors in Asia believe they have an edge working with Feng Shui and we wanted Anita's view on the subject to empower our businesses. She was excellent. Anita is welcome back to Vietnam anytime. -Walter Blocker, YPO Education Chair

- YPO-WPO Vietnam

After Anita came to Feng Shui my place feels amazing!!! The energy is different and nice.

- Alexandra Breckenridge - Actor

We brought Anita in to maximize our moment! We wanted to find ways to bring out the best in our entire team and to get to the next level in our business and personal lives. Anita's BaZi Business Assessments shed light on everyone's strengths and potential. We also worked with Anita on Feng Shui for our new home and offices. I highly recommend working with Anita if you want to function at your highest level and fulfill your true potential.

- Paul and Miriam Ireton - Dream Givers Financial

Feng Shui with Anita Rosenberg on my listings - WORKS! Anita is successful! She makes it happen. Properties get SOLD. The results are what it's all about for me.

- Penney Carruth - Sothebys Aspen

Anita Rosenberg is my go-to expert when I need to sell a listing quickly for top dollar. The first house she worked on SOLD that weekend. Her House Selling Candles also do the trick.

- Jeffrey Young - Sothebys LA

Anita came highly recommended so I hired her in Palm Springs. She told me my condo buyer was a single person because it was a #1 house. Once I had this knowledge, a single man bought the house on the spot. I took Anitas advice on other listings and sold them immediately. She is amazing and Feng Shui works!

- Paul Kaplan - Modern Real Estate Group

Anita's BaZi readings are a great resource for additional information on how to tap into your inner gifts. She is straightforward, insightful and inspiring. I recommend a reading for anyone interested in learning more about the inner dynamics of their soul.

-Heather Askinoise, founder - Energy Muse

Anita Rosenberg has transformed how Ihire and work with my team. Through her readings, I gained insight into my staff; who they are, what motivates them, their strengths and weaknesses. It's genius - I've never seen anything like this. Don't take my word for it, try it with your next prospective hire.

- Tasha Oldham, Chief Story Extractor - My Story Inc.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston received an Anita Rosenberg original painting of the Hollywood sign as a Christmas gift from their dear friend Matt Krane. Matt hired Anita to create a custom piece for the celebrity couple when they were first married.

- John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Anita Rosenberg is a miracle worker! She applied her vast knowledge of Feng Shui to my theatre and the results have been miraculous. With her help, we have gone from difficult neighbors with uncertainties of a new business, to incredible peace and avalanches of abundance. No joke! Anita rocks!

- Cynthia Bain Young Actor Studio

Anita opened my eyes to a reality that I was living but can now truly embrace. Her energy, wisdom, knowledge, and power has a sincere way of touching you while bringing you back to the center of who you are. I would recommend Anita not only to help you expand yourself but to help you reach your full potential.

- Justin Klosky - O.C.D. Experience

Anita Rosenberg's unique approach to Feng Shui will change the way you think not only about your home, but also your life.

- Krista Smith - Vanity Fair West Coast Editor

Anita worked with us on BaZi Astrology Assessments. We gaveher birthdays of everyone in the office and she told us how to maximize everyone's potential to increase productivity. Anita is a Feng Shui magician, literally. Her Feng Shui and BaZi Business Profiling is nothing short oftruly transformational and amazing!

- Marley Majcher, CEO The Party Goddess

I've always enjoyed using Anita's work in my sets... they add a sense of personal whimsical touch that helps me create the character and always adds a splash of color... and god knows I love color.

- Greg Grande - Set Decorator on Friends

I wasn't sure the producers of The Middle would go for Anita Rosenberg's quirky cow piece, but they loved it. Ialso used Anita's work on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and was nominated for an Emmy Award.

- Julie Fanton - Set Decorator on The Middle

Thank you Anita. The candlesticks you made are beautiful. I am very grateful. I'll be in touch. Good Luck.

- Ian Buchanan - Emmy Winning Actor

Anita shares her knowledge in such an easy, accessible way, helping to clear the clutter of our lives and opening up the possibilities for new experiences to come in. She brings her style and wit to everything and makes it so much fun!

- Denise Crosby - Actor

Dear Anita, I am so glad to have the picture you took of my sister and me. We tend to forget how wonderful they are to bring back a moment in time. You're a great follow-througher!!

- Cloris Leachman - Academy Award Winner

When Elizabeth Taylor starred in the Flintstones movie, her staff gifted her with a customized picture frame from the Anita Rosenberg Studio. Anita designed a cut-out of her character Pearl from the film which she adored and cherished.

- Elizabeth Taylor - Legend

Anita is on the cutting-edge with BaZi Astrology and she does it so gracefully. Her workshop was a fun and lovely evening.

- Karen Thornton - Visionary Staging

Anita has a special talent for BaZi readings. Her insight and ability to gather information is very interesting and helpful to understanding more about yourself and others. I found it to be fascinating and a useful tool for my business.

- Dayna Decker - Style Visionary

Anita Rosenberg's lecture at the L.A. Mart on Prosperity through Feng Shui: A Map to Better Business was well received. I was very impressed with her command of the subject and her ability to communicate effectively. Her professionalism and enthusiasmis something I will recommend for more seminars.

- Keith Davis, Marketing Director - LA International Gift Mart

Okay, you've made a believer out of me. Your energy clearing (which smells great by the way) just brought me a 12K dividend on an investment. Thanks!

- Libby Gill - author of "Traveling Hopefully"

BaZi Astrology enlightened me to the internal dynamics of my family. By getting to know myself and my loved ones better, we're able to understand each other and accept each other as individuals and contributing members of our family. A valuable, eye-opening experience that's revealing to both the heart and mind.

- Karlee Esmailli - High School Student

Anita Rosenberg is funny and fabulous, my favorite feng-shui fanatic.

- Sue Shapiro - author of "Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic"

We are thrilled to announce we have a baby girl on the way! Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all your Feng Shui advice. We wouldn't have gotten this far without you (she now has 2 beautiful daughters.)

- Joann Richter - Trilogie Productions

As soon as I finished doing everything Anita and I talked about during our consult at my NYC apartment, the guy showed up! Three months later I am engaged. Also, I sold my Aspen condo in two weeks after our Feng Shui session for one of the highest prices in the complex.

- Julie Subotky - author of "Consider it Done"

It is easy to lose sight of where you are going and my BaZi Business Reading gave me clarity and direction.

- Ani Wilson - Cambridge Strategy Group, MONACO

Anita and Elaine's book Thursdays with Mom & Michael is about love and food. My most sincere thanks to Anita and Elaine Rosenberg for their generosity in supporting the excellent work of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Women everywhere will surely be grateful as well!

- Evelyn Lauder - Founder of BCRF

Anita Rosenberg always delivers informative and entertaining events at Pause in Joy. Her engaging and lively personality is a treat at our center and we look forward to her workshops and events.

- Patti Penn, Reiki Master & owner of Pause in Joy

Working with Anita gave us a valuable insight into how better utilize the amazing talent we already have on our team. Having the workshop in a group setting made everyone feel involved and they all learned more about each other which enhanced our group dynamic.

- Shannon Ritter - Fleur de Lys

I've been working with Anita for years. I'm a home stylist and I find her expertise helps to enhance my work for clients. I've even reached out to her to advise me on the build out of my store. Every year I've seen my business grow and I credit her for helping me create a flow that gives great energy to my shop.

- Tara Riceberg - Giftologist TWEAK The Original Giftery

I am convinced that through the Feng Shui advice Anita gave us she helped my husband and I form a longstanding and solid relationship that is flourishing today alongside our newborn son, Oscar. Infertility was another matter addressed and eventually resolved by Anita. I would highly recommend her exptertise to anyone.

- Deirdre McGinnis - Publisher of Chic & Boutique Venues

I met Anita at a workshop she did for YPO Delhi chapter. One week after meeting Anita I was in LA with my core team and used Anita's services to determine the BaZi Business Profiles for those individuals. We were collectively shocked at how much truth there was and how much information was revealed through BaZi Astrology of a person's personality. Thank you Anita for this unique experience.

- Vishesh Chandiok - Grant Thornton India

I thoroughly enjoyed the session that Anita had at Kolkata and found her solutions practical and easy to apply.

- Yash Poddar - YPO Kolkata, INDIA

Anita's candles and crystals are magical and I'm thrilled with her BaZi and Feng Shui consults too. She's a great resource for helping with decisions and changes that come up in my life.

- Andrea Young - Radio Host & Music Producer

Anita, thank you so much so my BaZi reading. It was very heartening and really inspiring.

- Brett King - TV Producer

Thanks for a terrific and very interesting evening. I am so impressed with your knowledge and how easily you handled so many women, so many personalities and were able to keep the evening moving. Can't wait to read through my notes again.

- Nancy Mayer - Publisher of Sojourner Magazine

Love Anita, my cosmic counselor. She is so talented and always gets every detail right and helps me to gain personal clarity with her very thorough readings. She is the best! Anita, you've really found your calling.

- Angela Howman - Max Fashion

Anita's Chinese Astrology workshop was very eye opening. At the Aspen Club & Spa we are always looking for new ways to help people connect the mind, body, and spirit. This workshop was perfect to compliment our goals.

- Erin Robinson - Aspen Club & Spa

Anita is one of our most popular blog contributors on Her articles are inspirational, fun, and motivational. She is a wonderful writer and photographer. A true artist in every sense!

- Laura Pardini - My LA Lifestyle

BaZi Astrology works! I was strugglling on a new role at work and Anita with her amazing BaZi astrology knowledge gave me the tips to move ahead. I had the chance to immediately see an energy boost in myself and early wins at my new jobs. Also, her advice on how to make my marriage even better were right on. Thanks so much Anita!

- Daniela Tosta - YPO Panama

Anita, I love your newsletters! This is the only one I look forward to and READ! Visually, it's beautiful, so it's a treat to the eyes, and the photos of your exotic travels always give me a vicarious pleasure. You also write so well, and impart so much practical information, that I always learn something. Please continue to send out your newsletter!

- Tracy Fairhurst

Anita is a Renaissance woman. She is an artist, feng shiu expert and a WPO resource who has clients in India. She introduced me to Chinese Astrology. For the price of a Laker's game, Anita will describe your life as a movie. You are the star, Anita, the director. When you finish, you become the film's only critic. What you believe is up to you. It's an adventure when you enter Anita's world. I recommend it.

- Louis Strike - Ethics & Environmental Writer

I'm writing to share some good you had told us after reading our BaZi charts. Vikesh and I have been blessed with a beautiful little princess. What happened as a Grant Thornton Corporate reading for partners at your loft , has brought to me life's most precious gift. Thank you sooo much.....

- Shivani and Vikesh Mehta

For ten years, I tried to arrange my apartment. In two hours, Anita came in and changed chaos into serene order. She is so amazing I brought her in when I bought my new house. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

- Steve Fierberg - Cinematographer: Entourage & Love & Other Drugs

Anita Rosenberg and I have been friends and collaborators (or as we like to say partners-in-crime) for 30 years, back to the early 80's NYC Party Days. We just finished documenting the FUN Gallery at MOCA's Art In The Streets 2011 exhibit. Anita's creative spirit and fantastic vision are as strong as ever.

- Patti Astor - Underground Film Star

Anita Rosenberg is a true artist with a unique vision in whatever field she tries her hand at... whether film, writing, painting, photography, or design. I would ask her to Feng Shui my house in a minute if Ionly knew how to pronounce Feng Shui?

- Anne Beatts - Emmy Winning Writer Saturday Night Live

Anita Rosenberg is the undisputed go-to girl for utilizing classical Chinese feng shui to improve all aspects of one's life. To get the full shebang, we highly recommend you schedule a meet with the metaphysical maven!

- Refinery29

Anita has put the Feng in funk. She puts a modern spin on an ancient art and is bringing it into pop culture. Anita has made Feng Shui the hip thing to do.

- Nick Newmont, author of "Nemerology"

The NYC Graffiti scene merged into the art world in the early 1980s creating an entire new generation of culture. Anita's photographs capture this moment in time.

- Jeff Deitch - MOCA Director

When we moved into our new house, our real estate agent suggested we meet Anita. In one short hour, she greatly improved the vibe and layout of our home with a few simple adjustments. She is intuitive and knowledgable, and I plan to meet with her again and to recommend her to friends.

- Liz Morehead, actor & Martin Hilton, producer of The Bachelor

You are the life wrangling, flow fixing, energy increasing and streamlining, sad spirit catching and incinerating, gently learning to accepting and releasing...the super incredibly amazing life teaching guru to the first female owner in the NHL!! Look what happened within like 12 hours of meeting you!!!

- Kristi Steed

Anita was hired for guest BaZi readings at Kristen's big birthday party. Thank you so so much for being at the party. You were great and having you there really made it a fun exciting, informative time!

- Kehoe Family

Your book is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. Any publisher would be lucky to acquire it and have it as a perennial bestseller. Any reader with the slightest interest in the subject will have a lot to gain from it. I like all of the personal touches and anecdotes (the nanny's stinky shoes, your sister's sex pics), all make it an expression of who you are, and your passion for the subject. But it's also authoritative and feels well-researched.

- Rex Weiner - writer of Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Anita was asked to give a slide presentation of her trip s to India entitled Shopping For Nirvana in India. You are such a relaxed, fabulous presenter and your stories are so compelling. What a wonderful way to spend an hour!

- Susan Cottle - senior library asst. Pitkin County Library

The one thing I remember from our BaZi consultation is that I am meant to do big things, not to focus on small personal problems. I am all about helping others and helping the world be a better place and that's exactly what I am going to do!

- Tiffany Jhesdynai, political science student George Town University

Anita is my go to when I am searching for guidance personally and for my business.Anita has helped me countless times to understand my opportunities in dealing with people, contacts and my personal relationships. Over the past 8 years I have been very inspired by her guidance and have had a clear understanding of what potential possibilities exist and what to avoid. She has given my creativity guidance.

- Cory Ingram - COO Identity Atelier

Thank you so much for the seminar last night in NYC, you are so insightful and articulate I really got a lot out of it. Everyone there was also so sweet and smart, what a great extra bonus! As an independent consultant the insight I gained from the Yearly Wealth Forecast was absolutely invaluable in helping me plan for my business and personal goals.

- Monica LoCoscio - Creative Consultant

I just finished your book and I absolutely LOVE it! Wow, you really did a magnificent job blending both western and classical feng shui concepts into an easy to understand guide that anyone can begin applying immediately! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's now officially one of my favorite feng shui reference guides.

- Lori Blevins - todayisyourluckydayfengshui

Thank you so much for offering a BaZi Astrology online class! The Day Master and Profile Strength information was so valuable and right on! I feel I have some clarity regarding my path in life. Im so excitedand motivated to move forward on thispath because it feels right. I look forward to attending more of your online classes! Thank you again!

- Dede Richards - Essential Feng Shui Consultant

First and foremost, you have helped change the energy in my home and ignite my life in seeing everything in a new way! I am so grateful. Things are flowing and I am excited about opportunities that effortlessly keep presenting themselves.

- Darla Marasco - VP Post Production, Original Productions

Anita's Feng Shui Luck book captures her passion for synthesizingEastern and Western Feng Shui practices. Here, she offersanabundanceof helpful tips,ideas, and examplesto helpyou create and sustainharmony in your life!

- Terah Kathryn Collins - Best-selling author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui

Thank You for a wonderful, thorough, validating and most helpful BaZi reading. It did exceed my expectations.

- Marilyn Grad - mixed media artist

Anita is an amazing and articulate guest, who really knows her subject well and can convey it with ease. She came in with such great energy and information, we had so many listeners engaged in the chat room with questions and it is definitely one of the most downloaded podcasts/videos that we've aired!

- Michelle Pollino - Host of PurePollino

This was a great tele-seminar - very informative! After studying metaphysics & energy work for decades, I don't often run across something that feels entirely new, as this does... Anita presented the work with clarity in a way that sparked lots of indeas & inspiration - Thank you!

- Lauren Joyce

Anita Rosenberg has been my go-to girl for over a decade! Her suggestions helped make an uncomfortable neighbor situation evaporate! Many blessings and thank you.

- Kristen Eykel - Yogini & Shamanism Practitioner

I really gained a lot of insight on our session and I thought it would be only appropriate to share your skills with my network. I am glad I came to visit you and will continue to pass your name along.

- Zan Sacker - Realtor

Anita was immensely helpful with insights on my retail space. Her bazi astrology counseling is helpful and amazing! Thanks!

- Libby Knudson - cowgirl

Anita's candles have brought both good vibes and wonderful scents into my home. The feeling after lighting her Magical Candles has made a difference. Thank you Anita for your candles! They have definitely helped me.

- Taylor Jackson - student

Anita makes my job as an interior designer so much easier. Her residential property audits that integrate Feng Shui and BaZi Astrology are the perfect combination to ensure you enjoy your home and are comfortable in the environment. She gives you the knowledge, tools and resources.

- Bonnie Steves - BJC-Assoc.Interior Designer

My house is now filled with amazing crystals, plants have been moved to create intimate spaces, couches relocated to open up socializing... the list goes on!!!Working with her was amazing which is why I voted for Anita Rosenberg in the best Feng Shui expert category.

- Elena Horwich - Meal And A Spiel

Anita is onthe coverbecause she was voted World's Best Feng Shui Practitionerwith themost prestigious 5 gold starsby World's Best Lightworkers 2014-2015 and it's her fans who got her there. She broke the record for most votes with 1,371.

- International Rank of World's Best Light Workers 2014-15

Great to meet Anita. She was wonderful. I learned a lot about myself today from my BaZi and will put it into action to grow my business.

- Khadija - International Super Model, Owner & Founder of Lovera

Being able to discern my 'power' days has been very helpful in planning contract signings and client acquisitions. Amazingly, deals have been flowing perfectly since I started using the calendar.

- David Wechsler - principal & founder Compass Group

I have been burning the Transition candle and a great opportunity arose! I needed a change desperately and now I get to go somewhere new and get a new perspective on life. A fresh start! I am so excited as I was feeling STUCK! I believe this candle worked it's magic and I am on to a new adventure that will open new doors for me!

- Rachel Wright - artist, singer, world traveler and photographer

A friend spoke so highly of Anita that I reached out of sheer curiosity, driven by a never-ending quest for knowing the self. Her Bazi Reading was a treat to myself. I was able to connect plenty of dots; past events made sense, and I emerged from the session equipped with a solid guidance of how to navigate the future. A very highly recommended reading indeed.

- Ewa Ewart - Academy Award Winning documentary filmmaker

I absolutely love Anita's Qi Men Calendar. Often within the chaos of the day, I forget to meditate and pray. The daily directions help me find my grounding in the mornings, re-balances me throughout the day and empowers my confidence with a spirituality unlike anything I've tried before.

- E.A. Jones - writer-producer