How To Be The Star of Your Life


Lessons From Hollywood & Beyond

From the writer/producer/director of female-driven films "Assault of the Killer Bimbos" and "Modern Girls" comes a collection of captivating conversations with movie industry insiders about what it takes to be the star of your life.

"Rosenberg's resounding message - that 'life is a movie and you are the star' --is bolstered by a slew of sensible steps to success, making this guide as practical as it is inspirational." -Publishers Weekly Booklife

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From my window looking out over Hollywood Boulevard, I can see three of the most famous landmarks in the world: the Hollywood sign perched high up in the distant hills, the Capitol Records Tower --a music industry office building in the shape of a stack of records --and the coral-pink terrazzo stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the sidewalk down below memorializing the famous (and some not so famous anymore) performers of stage, screen, TV, music, and radio. It's a magical vantage point. You might say that all the stars align here, at the iconic corner of Hollywood and Vine, including my own since 1982.

What does it take to be the star of your life?

As a pioneering film director, I invited my most interesting and successful movie business friends --writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, costume designers, editors, and actors to explore what it takes to succeed in a famously difficult, male-dominated, and competitive industry. Each chapter consists of a short biographical sketch and well-edited excerpts from these intimate conversations, which are absolute gems of lessons learned, advice, and inspiration.

The stories in this book will inspire and empower you to go beyond where you think you are capable of going --to be the star of your life.

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About the Author

Anita Rosenberg is an international keynote speaker, award-winning author, and television guest expert. She earned a master's degree in filmmaking from NYU Graduate Film and Television School. As one of the few female film directors in the late 1980s with cult classics "Modern Girls" and "Assault of the Killer Bimbos", Anita Rosenberg learned how to persevere and succeed in a male-dominated industry. She took that entrepreneurial spirit and determination and launched two lifestyle businesses: a global home decor empire out of her garage, and later a spiritual consulting practice. Her writing has been published in The Independent UK, Tablet Magazine, LA Confidential, and Aspen Peak. Visit her website at and on IG @AnitaRosenbergStudio.


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What Anita's Fans are Saying:

- Nick Cassavetes, actor/writer/director of The Notebook starring his mother Gena Rowlands

"How to Be the Star of Your Life" gives you a front-row seat to the creative process from award-winners both in front of and behind the camera.

- Roger Corman, 'The Spiritual Godfather of the New Hollywood', director, producer, and actor of over 400 films

When talented filmmakers like Alan Arkush, Nick Cassavetes, and Brad Krevoy share their secrets to success in Hollywood, those are lessons worth listening to. Along with the hundreds of films I have made and contributed to American cinema, what I take even greater pride in are the people I mentored along the way that continues my legacy. I invite readers on the journey of Anita Rosenberg's new book to learn about success, creativity, and what it takes to make your mark in the world from those I have worked with as well as those whose work I admire.

- Moon Unit Zappa, songwriter of 1980s pop hit, Valley Girl, with her legendary father Frank Zappa, and author of Earth to Moon: A Memoir

Anita is a land mermaid with a siren song of a book that beckons you to love Hollywood as much as she does. Her warmth, playfulness, zest and showbiz gleanings sparkle in every chapter.

- Kirsten 'Kiwi' Smith, screenwriter Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, Emmy Award-winning series Trinkets

Anita Rosenberg's "Modern Girls" is one of my favorite movies of all time --a cool-but-warm comedy about three best friends and a new-wave night out in Hollywood that changed their lives. Seeing "Modern Girls" when it came out in the 80s inspired teen me to want to move to LA and become a screenwriter. So, it's thrilling to have a book that pulls together the community and energy and passion for filmmaking that motors Anita. Her book shines a light on the stars behind the scenes --like legendary goddess filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke and brilliant costume designer Mona May (who designed our film "The House Bunny" and whose work is influential to girls everywhere wanting to break into entertainment and make their mark on cinema.

- J. F. Lawton, screenwriter Pretty Woman

A map to the Hollywood stars with great stories of how big dreams can come true told by people who made it happen for themselves. Anita wrote a charming book filled with advice on how to not only succeed in Hollywood but in life