relieves tension & stress

Sleep. Business. Refreshing.

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LEPIDOLITE is the lithium of the mineral kingdom. It flowers the inner blue lotus and helps you be aware of energies both inside and out. Lepidolite is a refreshing stone and used to help with Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism in children. Called Lepidolite cookies because they come in glistening sliver shapes. Enhances restful sleep - my new go-to for bedrooms and children.

raw cookie shapes
luminescent & fragile


  • excellent for business
  • grids classrooms, shopping centers & conference rooms
  • assists with gardening
  • relieves tension & stress-related disorders
  • refreshing
  • resonates with Libra sun sign
  • helps you sleep
  • calms ADD & hyper-activeness

*Lepidolite was used to grid the Columbine school grounds after the tragedy to rebalance and rid negative energy

Lepidolite is the natural lithium and best for bedrooms to help you sleep or anywhere you feel stressed. I also like them for children's rooms.