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Heart Healing.

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Rose Quartz attracts love on all levels. It opens your heart chakra. Raw rocks can be really fun and you can never have enough rose quartz. Raw rose quartz is a more natural vibe to the polished shapes and they look more organic displayed in your home or office. I have a super large chunk of raw quartz to sooth my large open loft space. On your desk they remind you of what's truly important in life. This collection I found has a deep rich pink hue that glistens and shimmers.

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*sold by weight & deep pink hue

Rose Quartz benefits:

  • teaches true essence of love
  • use to attract love
  • draws off negativity & replaces with love
  • heart-healing
  • receptivity to music, writing & art
  • reminds you of what is important

bedroom, office, meditation space, or area where everyone gathers