reinforces confidence & security

Grounding. Health.

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When I walked into the crystal shop feeling spacey and floaty, the owner placed a heavy GARNET in my hand which immediately grounded me. I drove with it in my lap all the way and even now I place mine in my lap to ground me when on the freeway because I tend to get floaty. GARNET is all about security; being secure in your life and also in your finances. It is helpful when feeling abandoned and refreshes your energies on all levels. A garnet re-boot is powerful and uplifting. It helps brings order to chaos when you are disorganized.

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  • grounding
  • stone of health
  • reinforces confidence
  • security
  • financial security
  • stone of commitment
  • sacred stone of American Indians

Garnet is a super grounding stone that I find helpful to place in my lap when driving to ground me, hold when needing stability