Reduces stress & anxiety

Transformation. Clarity.

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My go-to when working with Feng Shui to protect and keep me energetically clean is LABRADORITE. Luminescent and dazzling, it is a very special stone. Protective and reduces stress and anxiety wherever you place it. Holding small Labradorite helps you understand your destiny and gives clarity to your inner thoughts. You can decorate with it or use it as a personal empowering piece.

polished stones - assorted shapes

*I found these new black labradorite pillars and they are really exciting


  • protects your aura
  • helpful for transformation
  • reduces anxiety & stress
  • clarity about your destiny
  • used for protection against spirit & paranormal energies
  • personal empowerment

place in living room or any space needing extra protection, you can also carry a piece of Labradorite with you for protection against negative energies