boosts self-esteem

Inner Beauty.

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They're back! Difficult to find - here are NEW dazzling beauties to bring out your inner beauty. Called AURA QUARTZ aka SPIRIT QUARTZ. When in blue they are called Aqua Aura. I had only found blue before, but due to their popularity Aura Crystals are now being infused with all types of precious metals like pure gold, platinum, and titanium which turns them various colors. Along with crystals, I found clusters and they are spectacular and special with a magical luminescence. Spirit Quartz is one of the only artificial crystals serious experts work with. They boost self-esteem and confidence.

ONLY BLUE LEFT - difficult to find, if it calls to you get one now

multiple sizes & colors
priced by clarity
aqua blue - pink - purple - rainbow


  • helps inner beauty shine
  • calms nerves
  • lifts depression
  • attracts wealth & success
  • manifests the "everyday self"
  • allows you speak sweetly
  • builds self-confidence

*If you are a Xin Metal Day Master in your BaZi chart, this is the perfect crystal for you to have or carry.

Spirit Quartz brings out your inner beauty - place in the bedroom or at your personal space