attracts abundance

Solves Problems. Wealth.

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COGNAC CITRINE is the smokey stone of abundance. It teaches how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success and all good things. One of the few minerals that doesn't hold negative energy so it never needs cleansing. Cognac Citrine grounds you in all your endeavors. The inclusions in them are amazing.

*difficult to find great pieces - I have one small one that is fabulous

SORRY - OUT OF STOCK until I find more


  • go-to for business owners
  • soothes emotions
  • clarifies situations
  • uplifting
  • brightens darkest problems
  • helps you laugh & be joyful
  • attracts abundance
  • holds your money in

Cognac Citrine is a smokey version of the citrine and perfect for business owners and on your desk at the office.