helps when swamped by responsibilities

Goddess Stone.

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AQUAMARINE is the "Goddess Stone." It shields your aura and encourages you to "always be prepared." The stone of courage, when it comes in raw chunks of pale blue from Brazil, they are irresistible. Once you feel their power you must have one.

Considered to be in the semi-precious family of stones, you are likely to see Aqua Marine polished for jewelry. In its raw rock form, they also come in various qualities or grades. I have two options. Aquamarine is a must-have for those who are swamped by the responsibilities of others. With Aquamarine in your crystal collection, you are reminded to go deep within yourself and your feelings to connect with all emotions both light and shadow.

Be the Goddess you were meant to be.

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these have beautiful marine tones


  • Goddess stone
  • the spiritual level of awareness
  • helps when swamped by responsibilities
  • protects from pollutants
  • feminine guidance
  • protective in general
  • deflects negative energy
  • courage hen handling grief
  • release what no longer serves you
  • communication of the divine
  • gemstone of March and Pisces

Aquamarine is a valuable stone and looks beautiful when displayed in an important space - place in living room, office or dressing room or bathroom