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Attracts & holds in money

Prosperity. Self-esteem. Money.

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Citrine is the stone of abundance. These are the big guns that teach how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success and all good things. One of the few minerals that doesn't hold negative energy so it never needs cleansing. Everyone needs a citrine on their desk, especially entrepreneurs. Even though I have a few small ones, bigger is better and more powerful which is why I stepped it up and these are the large citrine from the Denver show. They are quite spectacular.

*sold out of all the large ones - only have 1 left
the smaller ones are really popular so I would scoop one up

light lemon natural
*contact me to pick one out for you

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Citrine benefits:

  • soothes emotional energy
  • balances yin & yang
  • clarifies problems
  • good for dramatic situations
  • lifts depression
  • increases self-esteem
  • holds money in

*my go-to for entrepreneurs to attract money and hold it in - that is why it's called the "merchant stone"

at your desk or cash register