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Focused Intention. Enchantment.

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LEMURIAN WANDS are magical wands of energy that focus your intentions in a pointed and direct way. It is said that its wisdom comes from the Goddess Temple in ancient Lemuria. The first ‘seeding’ of Lemuria took place many hundreds of thousands of years ago in conscious thought-forms. However, the first ‘Souls’ to physically birth here on Earth (from the Pleiades) to establish the Lemurian community occurred approximately 100,000 years ago. 

Those on an awakened path will be drawn to these unique quartz configurations called Lemurian wands. With rare Tangerine tint, they vibrate with creativity and heartfelt intent. Clear Lemurians are super powerful for meditation and manifestation.

Use the Lemurian Wand as your daily tool to answer questions and guidance. Stand in a balanced stance with feet slightly apart. Hold the wand in your left hand (for receiving energy) and ASK a question you do not know the answer to. Hold the wand in front of you and if you fall toward the crystal the answer is YES. Fall backward it is NO. Working with the Lemurian Wand helps you answer your own questions and find solutions to problems yourself (with the help of the universe of course.)

pointed wands of manifestation


  • focus intention
  • laser wand
  • seeds of hope
  • manifestation
  • wishes & blessings
  • answers questions
  • personal tool
  • enchantment
  • raise your vibration
  • answer your own questions

*must-haves for meditation and only you should touch yours

Lemurian Wands are magical tools for transformation. Hold in your hand to access universal energies and answer questions.