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Focused Intention.

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LEMURIAN WANDS s are magical wands of energy that focus your intentions in a pointed and direct way. I have rare Tangerine Lemurians with an orange tint that vibrates with creativity and heart-felt intent. Clear Lemurians are super powerful for meditation and manifestation. Use the Lemurian Wand to answer questions and guide you daily. These are powerful personal tools. I just picked up 3 large ones for more spiritual folks who work with these types of tools.

pointed wands of manifestation
range from 3-4"
*let me pick one for you since they are very personal pieces


  • focus intention
  • laser wand
  • seeds of hope
  • manifestation
  • wishes & blessings
  • answers questions
  • personal tool

*must-haves for meditation and only you should touch yours

Lemurian Wands are magical tools for transformation. Hold in your hand to access universal energies and answer questions.