travelers stone

Protects Travelers.

palm stones:
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Working with MOONSTONE energy is very powerful. Aligned with feminine energy related to the various moon phases, Moonstone helps empower your intuition and sense of knowing.

What I also like about Moonstone is that it encourages new beginnings. Moonstone also attracts positive people into your life - even a soul-mate if you are single. Called the "travelers stone" I encourage you to toss yours in the suitcase.

There are two options. Beautifully dimensional polished palm stones to hold in your hand. And the NEW Raw Gray Moonstones from Tanzania I recently discovered at the Tucson Gem Show. Healing properties include digestive assistance and eliminate toxins. Good for PMS and reproductive systems. Traditionally used to prevent insomnia.

"I love my moonstone!! ❤️❤️❤️ It has helped me a lot during times of distress!!" 
-Aileen Antonio, Los Angeles

polished & raw stones - 2-3"


  • talisman of good fortune
  • draws in your soul-mate
  • introspective & contemplative
  • protects travelers
  • helps wishes come true
  • calmness & awareness
  • sixth sense decisions

Moonstone is the stone of travelers - carry with you or place on your sacred shrine for moon magic