travelers stone

Protects Travelers.

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When the waxing and waning moon makes you go wonky, MOONSTONE aligns with the lunar cycles to balance and help you feel better. It empowers the feminine receptive energy in everyone and that's where our intuition comes from. Having Moonstone is helpful for new beginnings. It also attracts positive people into your life - even a soul-mate if you are single. Called the "travelers stone" I never travel without mine. The ones I found don't look like any Moonstone I have seen before. Textured with decorative tones, they will look pretty placed anywhere in your house for good energy or carry with you.

polished stones


  • talisman of good fortune
  • draws in your soul-mate
  • introspective & contemplative
  • protects travelers
  • helps wishes come true
  • calmness & awareness
  • sixth sense decisions

Moonstone is the stone of travelers - carry with you or place on your sacred shrine for moon magic