builds self-confidence

Inner Beauty.

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Dazzling AQUA AURA geodes bring out your inner beauty. They quartz crystals infused in pure gold, giving them a magical aqua luminescence. They are one of the only artificial crystals that serious experts work with. Having one around boosts self-esteem and confidence. Difficult to find - they are super special.

geodes in various sizes - @2" each
deep blue sparkles
They're BACK!


  • helps your inner beauty shine
  • calms nervies
  • lifts depression
  • attracts wealth & success
  • manifests the "everyday self"
  • allows you to speak sweetly
  • builds self-confidence

Aqua Aura Geodes are dazzling focal points that bring out inner beauty, I like them in the powder room or bathroom along with perfume bottles and other beauty products