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Music. Art. Harmony.

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CELESTITE is a glittery cluster that attracts good fortune. A creative stone for the arts and a teacher for the New Age. This is the crystal that jump-starts personal development and urges you towards enlightenment. Clusters cleanse and amplify a space. If you are an artist or creative soul, then you need a Celestite in your collection. Plus they are sparkly and super pretty. The geodes in this colletion are high binrational and deep in tone.

comes in clusters of various sizes, I also have one 4" egg shaped geode (uique piece)


  • stone of balance & harmony
  • stabilizes yin & yang
  • bright hope in days of despair
  • excellent for pursuit of music & arts
  • inhabited by fairy of good fortune
  • powerful healing stone

*one of my favorites for artists and creative people

Dazzling Celestites go on your desk, in your entry or art studio - wherever you need inspiration.