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Fat Happy Buddha attracts prosperity and stabilizes your environment. He is holding your bag of troubles which he has collected for you, so they are no longer your problems. A vintage piece from Tibet, it is poured from resin and painted blue. The color blue enhances communication and vibrates with the throat chakra. Seated Buddha brings calmness to any space especially when you are meditating or to a chaotic household.  Sometimes you just need a little Buddha. I only have this one.

poured resin - 4" tall

Buddha Bulletin:

  • Buddha attracts prosperity
  • He greets your guests
  • Has magnetic centering ability
  • Reminds you to discover your own path
  • Having Buddha around makes you feel good

How to pick out the perfect Buddha?

  • Buddha chooses you
  • Look into his eyes
  • It's all about the expression
  • Kind eyes - calm expression

at your desk, in your office, or anywhere people gather