Soothing. Eliminates Irritation.

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I discovered AMAZONITE when I was irritated with some people in my life. One of my crystal teachers told me about the amazing properties of Amazonite as an anti-aggravation stone. I held it in my hand and was instantly calmed. These people no longer bothered me and I was once again back in balance. Amazonite soothes all the chakras which makes it great for general health maintainence. It is my  One of my must-have and it should be in your collection too.

TIP: hold when watching TV at night to calm yourself after a stressful day. It works!

polished stones
NEW - 3" spheres


  • eliminates aggravation
  • blocks geopathic stress
  • absorbs microwaves & cell phones
  • soothes chakras
  • calms nervous system
  • enhances loving communication
  • dispels irritation

they are polished stones easy to hold in in your hand for comfort, place on your desk and pick it up when needed - I have mine on the ottoman by my couch to hold when watching TV to soothe myself