calms chaos

Joy. Uplifting.

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These dazzling sparkly mini-clusters are crystals of joy that lift the energy in a room. Apophyllite allows you to recognize your own truth. It promotes introspection into your own behavior. A must-have for every collection. This is one of my favorite crystals. Difficult to find minis and I am so happy to discover these in Denver at the gem show.

A - has Apophyllite with Stilbite fan crystal for joy and creativity
B - has Apophyllite with Heulandite fan crystal for calming and divine guidance
C - has Green Apophyllite with Quartz for heart opening
D - has Apophyllite glittery crystals 

clusters vary in size around 3"
from India
SORRY - OUT (will have to search for more)

Apophyllite benefits:

  • uplifting happy energy
  • stress reducer
  • overcome anxiety
  • calms chaotic household
  • heals stressful office
  • healing for Reiki practitioners
  • creates a happy joyful space

living room, kitchen or center of any space for joy & happiness