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holds your happiness

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Years ago in Shanghai I saw a yellow Buddha holding an ingot above his head and since that day I wanted to find the same styles for you. In Tucson this past week, I found similar ones at an antique section. From Tibet, they are happy and holding your treasures and happiness. When fat happy Buddha is carrying an ingot of gold above his head it is most fortuitous and brings great prosperity. When holding two balls, he is holding your happiness.

amber resin - limited quantity - 4" tall

Buddha Bulletin:

  • Buddha attracts prosperity
  • He greets your guests
  • Has magnetic centering ability
  • Reminds you to discover your own path
  • Having Buddha around makes you feel good

How to pick out the perfect Buddha?

  • Buddha chooses you
  • Look into his eyes
  • It's all about the expression
  • Kind eyes - calm expression

meditation space, almost anywhere is great