gives hope that you are loveable

New Beginnings. Love.

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PINK TOURMALINE vibrates with the heart chakra. It brings joy and peace during growth and change. It helps you trust in the power of love. Good quality pieces with big chunks of tourmaline are difficult. 

For those needing to be reminded of how loveable they are - Pink Tourmaline is your power crystal.

*difficult to find good quality quartz pieces with chunks of pink tourmaline


  • ushers in the new-new
  • gives hope that someone will love you
  • releases destructive tendencies
  • vibrates with the heart chakra
  • balances the left & right brain
  • use for creativity & healing

Pink Tourmaline is a valuable stone that when found in nature comes with quartz. Place in the bedroom or any space where you need to attract more loving energy.