supports during stress

Mood Elevator. Honesty.

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OCEAN JASPER is arty and colorful and no two are alike. They are simply beautiful. Mined in the ocean in Madagascar, where they were once on land but are now covered by water. I was told that within a few years we will not be able to get anymore. Ocean Jasper will be gone. Which is what makes them so exciting and special now. BONUS: they clear toxins out of your body.

various shapes - hold in your hand or place at your desk


  • mood elevator
  • makes path to your goal straight & easy
  • energy of the 'leopard' totem
  • patience
  • improves digestion
  • eliminates toxins (who couldn't use that)
  • 'supreme nurturer" supports during stress
  • encourages honesty with yourself
  • reminds that we are here to support & help others
  • supports duing long illnesses or when hospitalized
  • renergizes the body

*unique piece to add to your crystal collection

Ocean Jasper will only be on the planet for a little while longer, so get them while you can and place them anywhere - they are beautiful.