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Angel Connection.

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ANGEL PHANTOM QUARTZ are also called Amphibole and quite rare. They come with inclusions of red minerals grounding them to the earth. Called Angel Phantoms because they connect you to the angel realm to bring intense love, beauty and joy. They enable you to see your best inner strengths and increase self-empowerment. There is something so other-wordly about Angel Phantoms and they are quite beautiful with all the rich earthy colors threading through. If you are on a higher life journey, you will want to add one to your collection.

The inner inclusions offer added benefits; Hematite for grounding, Limonite protects against psychic attacks, Kaolinite builds intuition. 

generator points
different sizes


  • surrounds you with your angels
  • grounding
  • universal love
  • builds intuition
  • self-empowerment
  • inner strength
  • earthy loving energy
  • heals fear, stress & worry
  • helps you sleep more soundly

*from Brazil, truly rare crystals

generator shapes focus the energies and perfect for your desk or by your bed to communicate with your angels