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VINTAGE BUDDHA is a special find from one of the last shops in Los Angeles Chinatown. The golden years of Chinatown began in 1938 as a vibrant cultural and commerical center for immigrants. Dim Sum on Broadway is one of my favorite weekend adventures where only Chinese dialects can be heard wafting in the air. While visiting hip new art galleries on Chung King Road, I wandered into one of the last original trinket shops only to find these two shiny red Buddha statues waiting for me. I was told they were imported from China in the 1940's during a time when the word "China" was hand-written underneath as they were sent abroad. Hand carved out of clay and painted red for good luck, they are purely vintage and respresentative of a time gone by in our city's history of Chinese collectibles.

34" wide x 3" tall
handpainted clay
antique from China


  • Buddha attracts prosperity
  • He greets your guests
  • Has magnetic centering ability
  • Reminds you to discover your own path
  • Having Buddha around makes you feel good


  • Buddha chooses you
  • Look into his eyes
  • It's all about the expression
  • Kind eyes - calm expression

place happy Buddha in the entry as a greeter or on desk to attract prosperity, he can go anywhere to create happy space