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Something about these deep green Nephrite Jade Hearts grabbed my attention at the Tuscon Crystal Show this year and I had to have them. Nephrite is a form of jade and jade is a lucky stone in Chinese culture. These pieces come from mines in China, shaped by wind and sand. The varity of colors and designs are made by combining jade with Actinolite, Gold and Pyrite. First reported in 1780, it is said to remedy kidney disease. Used as a talsiman, it blesses that which it touches so why not hold one in your hand. Shaped in a heart it also vibrates with your heart chakra.

1.5" hearts - various colors and patterns

Nephrite Jade benefits:

  • balances male & female energies
  • good luck talisman
  • alleviates stress from the body
  • represents status
  • unites and brings groups together
  • improves dysfunctional relationships
  • represents good fortune

anywhere you want to attract good luck