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Everyone who knows me, knows that I love kitsch (I did direct the cult classic film "Assault of the Killer Bimbos" after all.) Sometimes you just need a Buddha that makes you smile and that's what these Funky Buddhas did when I saw them. They come from Tibet, made from poured resin of a rainbow of colors. You either get a meditative mudra or fat happy prosperity statue. They are large enough to be the focal point of a sacred space or shrine. Surround them with magical candles, incense and your favorite crystals. Love these statement pieces!

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amber resin multi-colored
meditative - 7"
fat happy - 6"

Buddha Bulletin:

  • Buddha attracts prosperity
  • He greets your guests
  • Has magnetic centering ability
  • Reminds you to discover your own path
  • Having Buddha around makes you feel good

How to pick out the perfect Buddha?

  • Buddha chooses you
  • Look into his eyes
  • It's all about the expression
  • Kind eyes - calm expression

meditation space, almost anywhere is great