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Awakening. Clarity.

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SUPER 7 crystals are what the crystal community has been talking about. Although not old, in fact they are very ancient Super 7 contain seven of the most powerful crystal elements in one stone. Known for their deep purple hue, they contain clear quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, rutile, cacoxenite, geothite and lepidocrocite.  Having one around helps you believe in possibilities. There is a sense of awakening and enlightenment with Super 7. If you are serious about walking the path of truth you must have a Super 7 in your collection.

generator points
different sizes


  • brings the soul back into divine alignment
  • clarity of mind
  • promotes & enhances psychic abilities
  • activates upper chakras
  • transformation & spiritual growth
  • use to identify what is holding you back

*NEW for me - truly rare crystals

office, mediation space or living room