clarity of thinking

stone of personal freedom

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NEW are Mosaic Quartz which I had never seen before. Even when I asked my source from Brazil about them he didn't have all the details just that they were a combination of quartz with graphite and other minerals from the area of the mine. Well, I couldn't resist because they are so beautiful and make great display pieces. Quartz produces a field of energy for healing and empowerment. Graphite within the quartz is what helps you take charge of your life. Take action. Improves writing and math abilities. 

generators range from 4-6"
unique finds

Mosaci Quartz benefits:

  • empowers
  • super healing
  • stone of personal freedom
  • relieves anger
  • brings energy from the stars to the soul
  • clarity of thinking
  • improves writing & math

on your desk, in living room, on the shelf