Shields. Amplified energy.

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PYRITE is brand new for the Good Karma Shop collection. You want to make sure when picking one out that it is of the highest quality. They are intriguing cubic structures that were first discovered about 50 AD. Pyrite is excellent for shielding which is why I like them placed on your desk to deflect EMFs from electronics. They keep out negative vibrations of pollutants too. They help you see behind facades. They can also help you recall beautiful memories of love/friendship. They are used in ceremonies and are called the "Emperor's New Stone."

cubes & spheres


  • Shields negativity
  • Protection
  • Promotes beautiful memories
  • Nourishes the body
  • See what lies beneath words & actions
  • Amplifies energy

place on your desk or anywhere you need to shield EMFs or environmental pollutants