Energy amplifier.

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QUARTZ are one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystals on the planet. They absorb, release and regulate energy.

Use to focus and help set realistic goals. It is also an excellent tool for meditation. Clear quartz should be in every crystal collection. They are called the "stone of power" because they harmonize and align energy. Quartz  are master healers used in ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. My suggestion is to place in your living room or kitchen at home to vibrate loving energy. Also, at the office and common areas for communication and bringing groups together.

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different sizes - palm piece and dramatic clusters


  • brings communication
  • filters out distractions
  • amplifies energy in a space
  • neutralizes negative energy
  • clarity of thinking
  • inspires creativity
  • enhances dreams & wisdom
  • attunes to your personal energy
  • draws blessings into your life

*NEW are dazzling quartz clusters

Quartz are powerful in any space to stir up stuck energy - great for entryways, living rooms, kitchens or offices.