dolphin stone

Serenity. Clarity.

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Recently discovered, LARIMAR, is one of the most spiritual stones that opens up to new dimensions. Radiates love and peace. Hold in your hand when meditating to go deeper into your center. Excellent stone for those seeking a soulmate. Heals past-life relationships and heart trauma. I love that it removes blockages. It dissolves self-sabatoging behavior. Helps you take control of your life. When moving through change and stress, this is your stone. When you use Larimar to set goals, it helps you be okay with how those goals play out and accept where you are right here and now.

NEW - 2.5" x 1.5" piece



  • serenity & clarity
  • connects with goddess earth energy
  • for seeking soulmate
  • peace & love
  • removes blockages
  • helps you take control of your life
  • use to focus on goals

they are polished stones easy to hold in in your hand for comfort, place on your desk and pick it up when needed - I have mine on the ottoman by my couch to hold when watching TV to soothe myself