inspires hope

Aura Cleanser. Soothing.

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Quartz is one of the most popular and powerful crystals and this is the first time I had seen BLUE QUARTZ. It came from a vendor I trust and when I saw this beautiful collection there was no question I had to add them to the Good Karma Shop. Once I researched the healing properties and discovered that Blue Quartz inspires hope, I was hooked.

The color blue is always soothing and calming. Blue also activates the throat chakra and makes this the perfect piece for a chaotic office or home.

Blue Quartz cleanses the aura. It clears the toughest energy blockages. For healing, it strengthens the immune system and purifies the bloodstream. If you tend to be disorganized and need some energtic assistance, add a Blue Quartz to your home or office for orderliness. Kinda like an energetic organizer.

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  • soothing & calming
  • relaxing peaceful vibe
  • aura cleanser
  • clears toughest energy blockages
  • communication
  • inspires hope
  • brings sense of order
  • self-discipline
  • strengthens immune system

Best to place in the office or central space for clear communication. Creates relaxing and soothing space.