Set your intention

Goals. Manifestation.

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NEW! New Year INTENTION MAGICAL CANDLE was created to help focus and manifest your goals. After all, everything in life arrives at us because we possess strong intent to make it so. Brilliantly, my candlemaker came up with this fresh new candle concept that allows each person to place their focus and strong belief into each candle to manifest and attract where they focus their energies.

Made with a secret magical oil recipe that includes sandalwood, cranberry, and winter forest, the intention candle vibrates with your solar plexus for health, the spiritual crown and survival root. 

Here's what to do: identity what you want and if you don't know, you can start by defining what you don't want and then pick the opposite. To help cement the intention write down your list as if this is happening NOW. Intention directs everything.

AFFIRMATION: I now manifest my intentions clearly and with strong belief.

  • goal setting
  • aim and plan
  • chakra alignment
  • cement your intentions
  • identify what you want
  • be clear and focus
  • raise your energetic vibration to a higher level of attraction

  • made during specific moon phases
  • 100% clean burning soy wax
  • hypo-allergenic
  • 10oz frosted recyclable glass container
  • handmade using essential oils
  • burns for @40 hours

  • light with intent of abundance
  • snuff out when not home
  • relight when needing the energy
  • black smoke on glass means it worked hard - burn another

Light Intention to set goals - write a list underneath as you light as if everything is already happening