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Healing. Peaceful Sleep.

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SELENITE is the most healing crystal on the planet. Place by your bed to promote restful sleep. If you are sick or someone you love has health problems, this is a must-have crystal. It heals negativity and fear.

The raw sheets are back! These beauties came from Utah, the only mine where you can find this style. I love their raw natural vibe. Place on a stand on your night table. 

I also suggest Selenite Sheets for charging your other crystals or your magical jewelry. Place pieces on top as a charging bed. This stone never needs cleansing. Never place Selenite in water.

sheets from Utah - various sizes and priced by weight

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  • calms nervous system
  • creates safe quiet space
  • promotes flexibility
  • use for meditation & spiritual work
  • calms body during chemotherapy
  • healing on all levels
  • peaceful sleep
  • makes you feel younger

Selenite is the most healing stone on the planet - place by your bed or hold in your hand.