healing stone

Healing. Peaceful Sleep.

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SELENITE is the most healing crystal on the planet. Place by your bed to promote restful sleep. If you are sick or someone you love has health problems, this is a must-have crystal. It heals negativity and fear. 

Selenite has been used as a window into other dimensions. It provides both flexibilities to one's nature and strength to one's decisions.  Selenite can see the inner workings in any situation and deeper meanings. 

According to Sage Goddess: "Selenite is a powerful stone that is a favorite among many healers, mystics, and spiritual practitioners. Known as the happiness stone, selenite is quick and efficient at cleansing and clearing the auric, ethereal, and physical bodies thus making way for joy, creativity, and higher frequency energies to flow freely. Selenite resonates with the Crown Chakra and facilitates the transmission of guidance from spirit guides and guardian angels."

these two pieces come from Greece and are of a higher quality

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  • calms nervous system
  • creates safe quiet space
  • promotes flexibility
  • use for meditation & spiritual work
  • calms body during chemotherapy
  • healing on all levels
  • peaceful sleep
  • makes you feel younger

Selenite is the most healing stone on the planet - place by your bed or hold in your hand.