absorbs negative energy

Focus. Concentration.

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CHINESE FLUORITE is a popular crystal to start your crystal collection. It brings harmony, good health, and absorbs harmful EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) emanating from computers and electronics. It comes in deep purple hues mixed with green from China and is called Chinese Fluorite. They come is various forms from sheets to generators. Placing Fluorite on your desk stabilizes emotions. Fluorite also helps with Indigo Children (those with special abilities and Down Syndrome.) My favorite location for Fluorite is in the the kitchen to promote family health and harmony. 

At the Denver Gem and Mineral Show 2019, I could not resist a collection of double terminated wands in earth tones. When a crystal is double terminated or pointy at both ends, it sends the energy out as well as attracts it in. These are perfect pieces for students to place at their desks. They fit in your hand and can be used to ground and stabilize. They help you connect to spirit and can be used in healing sessions. 

various shapes & sizes
slices of amethyst come with wooden stand
free-standing generators & double-terminated wands


  • clears EMFs
  • overcomes disorganization
  • helps clear depression
  • good for groups
  • protective
  • helps with organization
  • stabilizes mind & emotions
  • improves focus & concentration
  • encourages family time

*place in window with light shining through for an illuminating effect

Chinese Fluorite goes by your desk, in a child's study area, in the kitchen for group communication - it clears harmful energies.