set realistic goals

Amplifies. Positivity, Focus.

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There is no better way to energize a space than with a deep purple AMETHYST. They come in raw or polished forms. Place in your entry or office as a protector. Use to focus and help you set realistic goals. It is also an excellent tool for meditation. Amethyst absorbs negative energy while sending out positive.

At the Denver show I found Amethyst points trending, meaning they were all over the place. I picked the most vibrant and energetic ones from the best mine. Beautful to display in any space needing more vibrant energy. Climb to a higher consciousness using Amethyst.

click image to view video from Denver Gem Show

generator point - 4"x3"
cathedral amethyst - 8"


  • attracts business prosperity
  • stone of meditation
  • helps you set realistic goals
  • calming, soothing & tranquil
  • inspires creativity
  • energizes Qi
  • absorbs negativity while sending out positivity

*Amethyst is one of the top three crystals you must have in your collection.

anywhere you need to lift the energy