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Sell Faster.

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Lighting a HOUSE SELLING MAGICAL CANDLE with attraction oil essences helps pull in the perfect buyer at the perfect time. It only takes one person to fall in love with your property so we light this candle to raise the vibration to attract that person. For faster results, I suggest a LISTING BLITZ on-site.

Over my 22 years as a Feng Shui Expert, what I have found selling property is that sometimes the seller is too attached and will not let go and sometimes the house is will not release the owner. In either case, I created the House Selling candle to switch up the energy. It loosens the grip no matter what the reason to bring in a new owner that will love the house even more.

For those who want to DIY pick up a copy of my book Real Estate Luck - Sell Faster.

"Fifteen minutes after I lit Anita's House Selling candle, 
a couple 
walked through the door and made an offer."
-Pia, Prudential Real Estate Agent

"We brought Anita in for a Listing Blitz and sold our
house 4 days later over asking price. 
She is amazing and saved us from a lot of stress."
-Brian & Billy, Hollywood Power Players

"Apparently all I had to do was BUY Anita’s magical House Selling
candle and my listing went under contract. The candle hadn’t even
arrived yet when it SOLD! They really work."
-Julie Winger – Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek, Denver

"Anita Rosenberg is my go-to expert when I need to sell a listing
quickly for top dollar. The first house she worked on SOLD that weekend.
Her House Selling Candles also do the trick."

- Jeffrey Young - Sothebys LA

Rule: One candle per listing. Light at an open house or write address on candle and light at your office.


  • sell faster
  • sell smarter
  • attract perfect buyer

click here or on image to view video with Realtor Jill Shore



  • made during specific moon phases
  • 100% clean-burning soy wax
  • hypo-allergenic
  • 10oz frosted recyclable glass container
  • handmade using essential oils
  • burns for @40 hours


  • light with the intent of selling listing faster
  • snuff out when not home
  • relight when needing the energy
  • black smoke on the glass means it worked hard - burn another

When selling - light the House Selling to shift the energy faster and attract the perfect buyer - light at Realtor base camp during showings