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Self-Love. Lifts Depression.

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Feeling down in the dumps? Not putting your best foot forward? Then you need HALITE in your life. This crystal cluster lifts depression. Technically, it's rock salt and this collection comes from Searles Lake in California. Due to recent earthquakes, mining has been shut down and I was lucky enough some of the last pieces harvested in 2019.

When I found these two large pieces with complex crystal formations and deep pink hue, I knew they were special. Halite is best known for purifying, cleansing the aura, deflecting negativity and balancing emotions. For those suffering from mood swings, this is the perfect crystal for you. One of the important stones of joy and happiness, I like to place it in the bedrom or in a central location of the house to disperse the most energy.



  • self-love
  • harmonizes the heart
  • self-loving lifestyle
  • mood lifter
  • relieves insomnia
  • find solutions to your problems
  • clarity
  • dissolves foggy thinking

*rock salt doesn't need to be cleared - never put in water or it will dissolve

Place halite in the bedroom to sleep better or anywhere you need to uplift the energy.