perfect for artists & actors

Boosts Creativity & Determination.

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For all my creatives out there, you must have a CARNELIAN in your collection. Deep red and orange are what I look for.

Carnelian engages your passion and creativity. It is useful for dramatic pursuits and perfect for artists and actors. This is one of my favorite crystals because it promotes positive life choices. It helps you get to the bottom of what makes you tick. This is the stone for creative people. 

Carnelian increases personal power and physical energy. Allows deeper concentration when meditating by keeping out interrupting thoughts. Useful in making decisions by keeping you focused. Calms anger and grounds you in reality.

Carnelian gives you the courage to be the best you can be! A must-have for your collection.

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  • stimulates 2nd chakra - sexuality
  • grounds & anchors in reality
  • protects against rage, envy & resentment
  • replaces evil eye with love
  • overcomes abuse of any kind
  • tunes daydreamers to reality
  • helps with lower back & heals arthritis
  • creative stone for artists & actors
  • encourages initiative ad determination
  • keep with other stones to clear them
  • gives courage and boosts creativity and compassion

Carnelian goes in your art studio, at your writing desk, in children's rooms, anywhere to be more inspired.