Shields from energy vampires.

Abundance. Leadership.

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They're back!

 is a positive stone of prosperity and probably my favorite stone for business. What I look for in Aventurine are the shiny particles and speckles within the green stone.

Aventurine emphasizes the "pioneering spirit." Placed on your desk, it amplifies leadership qualities. Aventurine balances and aligns. It attracts the spirit guides that send a wash of love all over you. My favorite quality is that they shield you from "energy vampires" - people who suck your energy away. Aventurine blocks negative energy from other people who try to steal away your life force. 

generators in various sizes

"What do you get the guy who has everything?
My client supermodel Miranda Kerr got one for
herself and one for husband Evan Spiegel (Snapchat founder)."


  • stone of prosperity
  • balances intellectual, physical & auric bodies
  • enhances creativity
  • pioneering spirit
  • reinforces leadership qualities
  • protects heart chakra
  • shields from energy vampires
  • calms anger & irritation
  • heals allergies & sinus infections
  • diffuses negative situations and turns them around

Aventurine is for the office on your desk or just in the space for business empowerment.