increases what you tune into

Heals. Empowers.

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EPIDOTE is a new crystal for me. It increases whatever you attune yourself to. It is a stone to experience. Having Epidote around helps you become less critical, enhances perception and personal power. What I like about it, it attracts more meaningful relationships. If you are trying to lose weight, having Epidote around is helpful. These pieces are from a rare raw collection. I had never seen them in this form before and they are quite powerful.

raw epidote with Prehnite from Western Africa


  • super healing & calming
  • gain personal empower
  • heals the heart
  • become less critical
  • augments possessions & the material world
  • increases friendships, loves, relationships & employment
  • calms the nervous system, brain & thyroid
  • used in horse stalls for treatment of ligaments

Epidote is the perfect crystal to carry with you or place in a healing space along with a Health & Healing candle.