protects from nightmares

Deflects Paranormal.

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JET is my go-to when deflecting paranormal energies from my bedroom. Placing a piece of Jet on the back of your neck protects you from ghost entities from entering your body while you sleep. Now, I don't want to scare you but it's happened to me so I keep my jet by my bed.

These pieces come from Siberia, they are very difficult to find. They are my go-to stones for children who fear monsters in the closet or under the bed. If you are sensitive and an open channel, Jet is for you.

polished stones
OUT OF STOCK - difficult to find


  • Dispels fearful thoughts
  • Protects the wearer against illness and violence
  • Protects during business and enhances finances
  • Awakens the kundalini
  • Calming and helps against depression
  • Use against migraines

Jet is powerful for protection. Place by your bed to shield from spirits - perfect for children's rooms.