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Empowers. Relieves Self-Doubt.

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They're back. They're big. They're heavy!

MOSAIC QUARTZ comes from Brazil; a combination of quartz with graphite and other minerals. The various shades of black and gray also make great display pieces. The ones I picked up at the last Denver Gem and Mineral Show are "statement pieces." Rare and difficult to find, these magical generators will help bring you back to center when feeling off-balance.

If you are a writer or in the creative arts, this is the stone for you. Quartz produces a field of energy for healing and empowerment. Graphite within the quartz is what helps you take charge of your life. With Mosaic Quartz it helps you take action. It also improves writing and math abilities. 

click image to view video from Denver Gem Show

generators range from 5"-8"
unique finds - this may be the last batch we can get


  • empowers
  • super-healing
  • stone of personal freedom
  • relieves anger
  • bring you back to the center
  • eases self-doubt
  • activates enthusiasm & receptivity
  • absorbs negativity
  • brings energy from the stars to the soul
  • clarity of thinking
  • improves writing & math

Mosaic Quartz include graphite which makes them perfect for writers and creative types.