Purpose & Destiny

Increases money. Soothing

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NEW! Flower Agate is a brand new stone coming out of Madagascar and it's also new to my collection. This stone is semi-translucent in shades of dusty pink with cream-colored flower bursts. The flower shapes are white Chalcedony plumes.

It is said to be the "get stuff done" stone moving people into their groove aligning with purpose and destiny. With Flower Agate - go with your flow. Where the magic takes you in the here and now. It may be helpful in shifting perspectives to see the "present" as a gift and a blessing as something sacred and worthy of respect and attention. 

"Thank you, Anita, for the Flower Agate you picked for me! Omg! It is so powerful and worked right away! 
I have it with me all day, literally! I sleep with it as well. What a difference the
soothing energy of Flower Agate has made! I can go to sleep feeling whole and safe."
-Aileen, LA

palm stones and desktop styles
from Madagascar



  • cleanses auras
  • eliminates negativity
  • improves concentration
  • soothes & calms anger
  • creates a sense of security & safety
  • increases money
  • purpose & destiny


Flower Agate comes with a beautiful flower pattern within the crystal to cleanse auras.