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Acquisition. Accumulation.

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NEW! Garnierite helps in achieving goals. As a stone of prosperity Garnierite naturally attracts acquisition and accumulation. When you desire more of something whether it is emotional, spiritual or material, focus your intent using this mesmerizing stone and send out the energy of abundance. Hold your stone and meditate on your desires.

Garnierite is also associated with the heart chakra. Use to work on issues of self-love. Love for self radiates outwards to others. Empower and embrace your own divine self. When you raise your vibration you uplift the planet.

palm stones and desktop styles
from Madagascar


  • aids in meditation
  • works on issues of self-love
  • stone of prosperity
  • accumulation & attraction
  • self-confidence
  • activates heart chakra
  • embrace your divine self


Use Garnierite to send out your intention on that which you desire more of.